Dreamers, Haters, Supporters, Fans, Nay-sayers…

No matter what your dream is chase it wholeheartedly; no one but YOURSELF can stop what you can/will accomplish. Years ago I was laughed at and told that I would never be “rich” or “famous”. None of which were my dreams or aspirations by the way LOL. My dream was to simply create and be respected for my art(Fashion). Am I rich? NO. Am I famous? NO. Have I accomplished my dream? YES! I have exceeded my dreams in ways I never knew possible. I can honestly say that there are people around the World that possess and wear MY art. To some that may seem like I am overly-excited but think about people in places you’ve never seen or may never see wearing your art…it’s a surreal feeling. There are days when I sit back and cry because I forever dreamed about this day. THANK YOU!!!! | www.bxbcluxury.com 

Long Live Luxury,

Jay Luxenaire